Technology and Culture

The Cultural Studies Association’s Working Group on Technology and Culture invites submissions for the 15th Annual Meeting of the Cultural Studies Association (U.S.). Cultures produce technology; technologies produce culture. This interrelation, found throughout history, has vast implications for our increasingly networked and globalized world. What are the conditions under which specific technologies arise? What (and whose) aims do they embody? To what ends are they used (and by whom)? How do they reflect dominant structures of power, and what radical potentials do they hold?

The theme of this year’s conference is “Culture in the Age of Mass Debt.”  We encourage submissions of panels or individual papers that are in dialogue with this theme, but we will consider all submissions that address issues relevant to new media studies or science and technology studies, or that explore the broad relationship between technology and culture, or ways in which specific technologies and cultures are related. Examinations and critiques of historical and current technologies are welcome, including those that examine the role of technology in debt, broadly defined.

For any questions, please contact the Co-Chairs of the Working Group on Technology & Culture: Chris Sula (, and Mark Nunes (


Chris Sula

Mark Nunes

The Cultural Studies Association Technology and Culture Working Group concerns itself with matters of post-humanism, post-evolution, trans-humanism, cyborgism, and cyberculture in all its manifesta-tions. Technology related studies of mediated environments, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, identity, information, prosthetics, pharmaceuticals, medicine, genomics, distributed consciousness, and embodiment are among the particular contexts investigated.