Critical Ethnic and Race Studies

2017 CFP: Critical Ethnic and Race Studies


The Working Group on CRITICAL ETHNIC AND RACIAL STUDIES of the Cultural Studies Association would like to invite submissions for the 15th Annual Meeting of the Cultural Studies Association, to be held at Georgetown University, Washington DC, May 25-27th, 2017. Deadline for Abstracts (500 words) is February 1, 2016.
The Critical Ethnic and Race Studies Working Group welcomes a wide range of proposals addressing central issues and questions in critical ethnic and racial studies. All relevant proposals will be considered.  However, we are particularly interested in proposals that contribute to a truly interdisciplinary, transnational conversation about racism, white supremacy, anti-blackness, anti-immigration, anti-Islam, and indigenous erasure as well as militarism, occupation, neocolonialism at the current historical conjuncture.  Especially welcome are proposals that seek to analyze these phenomena in the context of the larger capitalist social formation and/or that attempt to engage the broad theme of this year's meeting, "Culture in the Age of Mass Debt." 

If interested in participating in one of the TWO Working Group-sponsored panels for Critical Ethnic and Race Studies, please submit via the EasyChair submission system.  

Please send any questions to the Chair of the Working Group on the Theories Cultural Studies: Jaafar Aksikas at AND

Chair: Jaafar Aksikas


Working Group Description:


The Critical Ethnic and Racial Studies Research Working Group seeks to provide a much-needed, timely forum for cultural studies—broadly understood as the critical, contextualist analysis of the relations between cultural practices, political economic processes, and social formations—scholarship and activism that, on the one hand, builds on the important work of traditional ethnic and racial studies in analyzing how racism, colonialism, immigration, imperialism, and slavery interact in the production and reproduction of US and global capitalism and its systems of exploitation, domination, dispossession, primitive accumulation, criminalization, expropriation, and violence.

On the other hand, the group also seeks to rethink, think anew the intellectual project and formation of traditional Ethnic and Racial Studies in the US, interrogate its contradictions, limitations, and entrapments within the late capitalist project of multiculturalism and its neoliberal politics of identitarian representation and nationalism. We seek to create a truly interdisciplinary, transnational space for new and fresh conversations about, among other important issues, white supremacy, settler colonialism, capitalism, as well as militarism, occupation, indigenous erasure, neocolonialism, anti-blackness, anti-immigration, and anti-Islam.  The aim is produce critical useful knowledges that can help understand and transform these contradictions and phenomena in the context of the larger capitalist social formation.