New Media & Digital Cultures

The Cultural Studies Association Working Group on New Media & Digital Cultures (formerly Technology and Culture) invites proposals from its members for its sixteenth annual meeting, to be held May 31-June 2, 2018 on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

The 2018 conference theme is “Interventions.” We encourage submissions of panels or individual papers that are in dialogue with this theme, but we will consider all submissions that address issues relevant to new media studies, or that explore the broad relationship between cultural studies and a digitally networked, everyday life. Possible topics include:

·      Social Media and Grassroots Activism

·      The Politics of New Media Practices

·      Bad Media Practices & Evil Media Studies

·      Remix Politics

·      Fake News and the End of the Digital Public Sphere

·      Digital Swarms & Digital Multitudes

·      “Networks of Outrage and Hope” Reconsidered

·      Transnational Politics and the Digital Citizen

Please submit a 500-word abstract no later than March 10, 2018 through the Cultural Studies Association website. Please follow the Easy Chair submission guidelines and instructions found by signing into your CSA membership account.

Travel grants are available for partial reimbursement to graduate and advanced undergraduate students who plan to present HERE.

Please address any questions to:

Jeff Heydon & Mark Nunes

New Media and Digital Cultures Working Group Co-Chairs

The Cultural Studies Association New Media & Digital Cultures Working Group concerns itself with matters of post-humanism, post-evolution, trans-humanism, cyborgism, and cyberculture in all its manifesta-tions. Technology related studies of mediated environments, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, identity, information, prosthetics, pharmaceuticals, medicine, genomics, distributed consciousness, and embodiment are among the particular contexts investigated.