Globalization and Culture

The Working Group on Globalization and Culture of the Cultural Studies Association would like to invite submissions for the 16th Annual Meeting of the Cultural Studies Association (U.S.), at to be held on May 31-June 2, 2018 at the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. We welcome a wide range of papers addressing the broad nexus between globalization and culture. This year we aim to constitute at least two panels:

General Call: The first is an open call for papers for a panel on Globalization and Culture broadly conceived. We invite interdisciplinary papers that explore the relationships among circuits of production and consumption, the movement of people, social inequalities and collective identities, globalizations from “above” and “below,” new/emerging media and technologies, transnationalism, and cultural industries. In addition, proposals broadly addressing any aspect of globalization and culture are most welcome.

Theme Panel: The second will focus on the conference theme of “Interventions.” We seek interdisciplinary papers that pull from philosophy, sociology, economics, political science, literature, critical pedagogy and/or cultural studies, among others. Topics could include:

  • Military, civil war, crisis
  • Shifting and evolving conceptions of nation-state and sovereignty
  • Everyday cultural practices
  • Globalization and cultural studies
  • Development organizations, practices, policies
  • Global media, digital technologies
  • Environment, Paris Agreement, climate change, sustainability
  • Refugees, human trafficking, human rights
  • Art as intervention, i.e. murals, performance, music
  • Social movements and protest
  • Intellectual property
  • Resource use, scarcity, regulation
  • Healthcare, epidemics, health institutions, NGOs
  • Global chains of labor, outsourcing

Submissions can either be an individual paper, or pre-constituted panel and are due on March 10, 2018 through the Cultural Studies Association website. Please follow the Easy Chair submission guidelines and instructions found on the CSA Conference Registration page:

Travel grants are available for partial reimbursement to graduate and advanced undergraduate students who present their papers.

Please contact the Co-Chairs of the Globalization and Culture Working Group, Cecilia “Lia” Uy-Tioco ( and Kathalene “Katy” Razzano (, for any questions.

The CSA Working Group on Globalization and Culture is interested in providing a forum for the voices of the globalized. With the awareness that we are beginning en media res and that we are working with a binary system that currently is not capable of providing an accurate appraisal of either process nor product, this working group hopes to be able to provide support and forum for those interested in constructing a model for thinking globally, and exploring what that means, that works without reifying old distinctions.