The Ethnographic Working Group investigates how the ethnographic method can continue to shed light onto the field of Cultural Studies, as well discussing the practice of ethnographic research. As a working group, we are a resource for each other and those interested in ethnographic methods. We look to discuss and debate best ethics and practices, such as how to store and document research, navigate IRB, HSRB, and other institutional review boards, negotiate certain field sites, and conduct interviews.

We see the ethnographic research method as collaborative cultural work. The researcher and those researched are both participants in attempting to understand the cultural landscape laying before them. How does the presence of the researcher impact the communities we are investigating? In turn how do these communities shape our own understanding of what constitutes “research”?

We are interested in all type of ethnographic research such as: community-based ethnographies, auto-ethnographies, critical ethnography, feminist ethnography, and performative-ethnographies. Furthermore, the working group would like to explore creative and non-traditional approaches to the creation and dissemination of ethnographies in the field of Cultural Studies. The Ethnographic Working Group is open to new members who are invested or interested in exploring ethnographic methods. The group meets annually at the Cultural Studies Association Conference. We plan on hosting reading groups, roundtable discussions, and panels.


Michelle Walsh;

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