Environment, Space and Place

The ESP Working Group welcomes work grounded in traditional disciplinary approaches to nature and society, including anthropology, geography, and environmental history, as well as that which employs interdisciplinary frameworks to understand formations of and interactions between environment, space, and place. We invite theoretically, methodologically, and empirically diverse work from scholars, artists, and activists investigating the spatial and cultural dynamics of environment, space, and place, broadly conceived. The ESP highlights scholarly and activist work that illuminates the workings of nature and power, with an eye to building productive dialogue between cultural studies and such interdisciplines as eco-criticism, political ecology, science and technology studies, and the environmental humanities. In keeping with the political genealogy of cultural studies, the ESP especially encourages submissions that bring such explorations to bear upon contemporary concerns of environmental and social justice.


Sophie Moore; slmoore5@wisc.edu 

Ned Randolph; tnedrandolph@gmail.com

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