CSA Elections

The Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Nominations Committee is accepting applications from candidates interested in serving on the CSA Governing Board (Formerly Executive Committee). You are encouraged to nominate yourself if you are interested. The GB includes six to nine members elected in a national election by the membership-at-large, and two to three graduate student members elected in a national election by the membership-at-large. We need to fill ONE position on the Governing Board (GB): the vice president. The vice president serves a 2-year term, starting on June 1, 2020 and ending in 2022 after our annual conference.

The Cultural Studies Association (CSA), which was founded in 2003, is a non-profit association for scholarly purposes in the field of cultural studies. The goal of the CSA is to create and promote an effective community of cultural studies practitioners and scholars, to represent the discipline and its committed practitioners everywhere, and to advance cultural studies knowledges, projects, approaches, and methodologies throughout the world. Its members come from all over the world. The CSA provides a forum for scholars of cultural studies, in all its diverse manifestations, to exchange their work and ideas across disciplinary lines and institutional locations. In the spring each year, the Cultural Studies Association holds an international annual conference. As with other professional organizations, the annual conference provides the membership an opportunity to meet and network with other professionals in the discipline, introduce students to the wider professional community, and share and discuss current efforts in cultural studies research and practice. The Cultural Studies Association also publishes its own journal, Lateral.

In June 2014, the CSA passed and adopted a new constitution and bylaws (please see link below) to serve and represent our members and the field of cultural studies more effectively and efficiently. What was formerly the Executive Committee is now the Governing Board. The GB is responsible for the governance of the organization, and its authority is derived from the association’s membership, constitution and by-laws. There are now new procedures for the election of GB Members, as well as new expectations/requirements for current GB members, including those stemming from the legal standing of the GB in relation to the CSA as a 501c3.CSA Governing Board is responsible for the governance of the organization, and its authority is derived from the association’s membership, constitution and by-laws. The Board consists of a minimum of 11 members elected by the membership, plus 3 members appointed by the GB. This call is for elected members only.

Time Commitment
Beyond demonstrable commitment and active involvement in the CSA, Board members are expected to commit the time necessary to perform regular Board and committee business. Members are also expected to allocate time to attend and prepare for meetings.

1) Be current members of the CSA in good standing (renewal of membership in a timely manner);

2) Participate in the annual CSA conference, including assembling one or more sessions, serving on organizing/host committees, and attending the GB meeting at the conference (usually held on Sunday morning after the conference ends);

3) Participate in one or more subcommittees between the conferences (usually 5-7 teleconferences per year).

4) Email correspondence: while the bulk of the board work is conducted primarily at board meetings and committees, there will be multiple occasions whereby emerging strategic and governance issues will be discussed via email with input encouraged by all board members. Timely and active email communication is expected.

Who is eligible for nominations?
The entire CSA membership is eligible. The following criteria shall be considered by the Nominating Committee as they consider nominating individuals to the GB. These criteria are general in nature, but seek to ensure sufficient experience with the operations and missions of the CSA, and commitment to the organization and cultural studies. The final list needs to be approved by the GB before candidates are put on the ballot.

1) Demonstrated Commitment to the CSA, its Annual Meetings, and its Initiatives: Such commitment can be demonstrated through:

Length of CSA membership;
*Attendance and participation at the annual CSA conference meetings and divisions; and
*Participation and involvement in other CSA initiatives and projects, including the Lateral Journal/Platform and the organization of the annual meetings.

2) Significant Work in and around Cultural Studies: The EC should solicit:
*Members drawn from across fields associated with cultural studies (the humanities, social sciences, the arts, and new media).
*Individuals involved in significant cultural studies programs or departments
*Prominent art practitioners and activists
*Prominent activist intellectuals and policy workers
*Individuals committed/engaged in public and community scholarship

3) Diversity: The Nominating Committee is charged with finding candidates that:
*Reflect ethnic, racial, gender, and other cultural diversity; and
*Represent the range of disciplines and institutions in which cultural studies is practiced.


Timeline of Nominations

Nominations close on August 31, 2018 and should be sent to the nominating committee chair David Zeglen (dzeglen@gmu.edu). Please be sure to include a current CV and a short Statement of Interest (one page or less), explaining why you are interested in this position and what experience/qualifications you bring it.

CSA Constitution and Bylaws can be accessed here: http://www.culturalstudiesassociation.org/constitutionandbylaws

Thank you for considering to serve the CSA.

Nominatiing Committee