Culture and War

Call for Papers: The Working Group on Culture and War, Cultural Studies Association (US).
The Working Group on War and Culture of the Cultural Studies Association invites both general and themed submissions for the 15th meeting of the Cultural Studies Association (US)

General Call: We invite interdisciplinary papers that consider the cultural, economic and political aspects of warfare, including veterans’/ military families’ issues; memorialization of war; ethnographic descriptions of warscape; the political economy of war, privatization, the evolving division of labor between “normal” military and special forces/drone surveillance within the U.S. and other national militaries; the increasing militarization of civil society as he proportion of those serving paradoxically decreases; and the revived Cold War imaginary now re-framing the U.S. War on Terror.

Along with this standing, general call on all aspects of culture and war with relevance to the mission of the Working Group, we especially welcome papers engaging the CSA Conference theme, “Culture in the Age of Mass Debt.” Such papers might explore the history and political economy of war debt as mass debt; war debt imposed as reparation/revenge, or forgiven, or war itself as debt paid (“Lafayette, we are here!); and constructions of the ethical/moral debt owed to veterans/POWs, or imagined among allies and between foes when “nation building” follows “regime change.”

For any questions, please contact the Chair of the Working Group on War and Culture: Howard Hastings at .

Chair: Howard Hastings

The CSA Working Group on Culture and War is dedicated to scholarly and activist work on the cultural aspects of war and militarism, encompassing rhetoric and language, news and mass media, fictional texts and representations, documentary film and video, new media and other cultural forms. The Working Group welcomes interventionist and critical work on wars past and present, as well as on the everyday militarization of society, from historical, theoretical, global and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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