Culture and War

General Call: We invite interdisciplinary papers, panel proposals, and non-traditional forms of creative intervention that consider the cultural, economic and political landscape of conflict past and present.  Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • The role of social/news media in constructing “war imaginaries,” national and international.
  • Processes of militarization and the role of the martial in social institutions, including local government schools, popular culture, and media.
  • Race, gender and sexuality in military organization, including recruiting, support, combat and command roles.
  • Veterans’ issues: PTSD treatment, and representation; disabilities; military families; veterans’ policy/history.
  • The political economy of conflict: privatization/subcontracting/, neoliberalism and national/international divisions of military labor; drug wars and refugees; sanctions, money laundering, and weaponizing of financial institutions.  
  • Nationalism: its racialized resurgence in the US and Europe; response to refugees/immigration from conflict zones.

Theme Call: Consonant with this year’s conference theme, “Interventions,” the Working Group also invites papers thematizing “intervention” in the context of culture and war. Papers might address a wide array of military interventions, past and present, assessing unforeseen consequences of technological innovation or policy shifts. Some examples may include the weaponization of the internet and social media, pre- and post-elections of 2016 in Europe and the US.  We also welcome papers that address modes of scholarly intervention in culture and war: in the era of Trump—characterized by treaty dissolution and nuclear brinksmanship—what should be the task of scholarship which calls itself “Cultural Studies.” How might it effectively act/resist?

Process of Submission

Please submit a 300-500-word abstract no later than March 10, 2018. Submission is limited to current CSA members, but new members are welcome. Please follow the Easy Chair submission guidelines  found on the CSA Conference Registration page HERE.

Travel Grants

Travel grants are available for partial reimbursement to graduate and advanced undergraduate students who planning to present.


Contact War and Culture Working Group Chair Howard Hastings at

The CSA Working Group on Culture and War is dedicated to scholarly and activist work on the cultural aspects of war and militarism, encompassing rhetoric and language, news and mass media, fictional texts and representations, documentary film and video, new media and other cultural forms. The Working Group welcomes interventionist and critical work on wars past and present, as well as on the everyday militarization of society, from historical, theoretical, global and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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