Critical Feminist Studies

The Critical Feminist Studies Working Group [CFSWG] of the Cultural Studies Association [] is pleased to invite submissions for one roundtable and one panel to be presented at the 2017 conference:

  • Roundtable on Capitalism, Affect, and the “Culture in the Age of Mass Debt”
    • What cultural spaces/cultural products/case studies illustrate the connections between capitalism and affect through an intersectional lens of Critical Feminist Studies?
    • How does debt, both theoretically and practically, disproportionally impact the lives of women and girls globally and locally?
    • What are the gendered, racializing, classed, and disabling effects of capitalism and debt in both theory and in practice?
    • What popular and contemporary authors on capitalism, affect, and the ‘Culture of Mass Debt’ beg for a dialogically thorough Critical Feminist critique?
  • Panel on Critical Feminist Studies and Social Justice
    • What is the future of social justice advocacy under Trump’s presidency? 
    • Should we continue to imagine ‘feminist utopias’, or are there other productive conceptions to focus our efforts towards?
    • What Critical Feminist pedagogical strategies could be developed in the name of Social Justice advocacy?

We encourage papers that draw from diverse fields including but not limited to: women's and gender studies, sexuality studies, feminist philosophy, sociology, anthropology, political economy, critical race theory, postcolonial theory, media studies, critical disability studies, and/or cultural studies. 

Please indicate which of the panels you would like to apply for with a brief abstract of your paper/presentation (500-700 words) and a short bio (in one document) to the EasyChair admission platform by January 2, 2017.

Questions about our CSA Working Group can be directed to Dara Persis Murray ( and Jennifer Scuro (



Dara Persis & Jennifer Scuro 

Critical Feminist Studies dedicates itself to work that builds upon, even as it critiques, the institutions and practices of Women's and Gender Studies, focusing in particular on a historical approach to feminisms and feminist theory, transnational formations and movements, queer and sexuality studies, and politics, practices, and representations. Some of the emergent, interdisciplinary areas of inquiry include girls, disability and transsexuality. One of the aims of the Working Group is to open up a critical space for the ideas and initiatives of young scholars and junior faculty within Cultural Studies.

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