2017 Seminars

Call for Participation:

Seminar Title: Workshop for Job Seekers in Cultural Studies

Organized by the Association for Cultural Studies

Director: Gilbert Rodman, University of Minnesota; Chair, Association for Cultural Studies

Located: Georgetown University, Washington D.C. at 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 27, 2017. Room: TBD

Seminar Description:

This seminar will be run like a workshop.  Representatives from different types of institutions will describe work and career paths in their departments and programs, in AA-, BA-, MA-, and PhD-granting institutions, and/or outside of faculty positions in institutions of higher education. Speakers will also discuss aspects of the job search—including application dossiers/portfolios, interviews, strategies for waiting out sluggish markets, and negotiating offers.

Application Process:
Seminar participants can get involved in this seminar in one of two capacities, either as mentors or job seeker participants.

Mentors: Accepted mentors will be expected to submit a short paragraph by May 7, 2017, indicating what institution/program/career pathway they will each represent and briefly describing what kind of experience and
expertise they would bring to the workshop.

Job Seeker Participants: Each accepted job seeker participant will be expected to submit a sample application dossier, including at the very minimum one application letter and a current CV by May­ 20, 2017.  While this seminar will be open to the public (assuming space availability), priority will be given to those who have submitted a formal application of participation.

All interested seminar participants (mentors and job seekers) should submit a one-paragraph statement of interest­ to­ seminar director: Gilbert Rodman (submissions@culturalstudiesassociation.org) with the subject "Job Seekers Workshop" by May 20, 2017.