Travel Grants


Travel Grants for CSA Student Members: Submissions

Travel Grants for CSA Student Members are meant to provide partial travel reimbursement of $300 to graduate and advanced undergraduate students who are members of the CSA by March 15, 2019  and will travel to the 2019 conference in order to present in a session that has been accepted for inclusion in the conference program schedule.  

Please note that the CSA offers a limited number of travel grant and that only those who are individual members, have been accepted to participate, and have registered for the conference are eligible to apply for a travel grant.

The CSA is particularly keen on helping students who:

- Have no outside support for conference participation (neither from their home institutions nor from other sources);
- Will incur substantial costs for travel to and from the conference; and
- Have not received travel reimbursement from the CSA in a prior year.

Letters of application must reach the CSA by March 15, 2019 , by email to: with the subject line "APPLICATION: CSA STUDENT TRAVEL GRANT".

Each application should include a CV, proof of student status (see below), and a cover letter, signed by the applicant, which includes the following:

1 The applicant’s paper and session title, as it will appear on the conference program schedule.
2 A statement by the applicant confirming his/her student status;
3 A statement by the applicant describing what university sources of funding are available; and
4 A statement describing the amount, if any, of external support the student will receive for travel to the conference from these or other funds.

For proof of student status applicants should send a copy of their student ID, a link to an university webpage listing them as a student, a letter from a university advisor, or some other proof that they are a current student.

Late Applications will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, please email Michelle Fehsenfeld at Contact@CulturalStudiesAssociation.Org