Black & Race Studies

The Black and Race Studies Working Group centers blackness as a structural position from which to theorize the contemporary production of race. The group is dedicated to providing space for exploring black and critical race and ethnic studies not as coterminous fields, but as inhabiting an often vexed yet theoretically fruitful interrelation. Accordingly, we seek to create a forum for contemplating blackness as a problem for critical thinking, one that the feminist philosopher Denise Ferreira da Silva contends “returns The Thing at the limits of modern thought.” We aim to foster work that critiques or radically dilates conventional approaches to the questions of “race” and “power,” that thinks through the racial as a limit concept and a concept of limit, and that explores new historical, theoretical, and methodological paradigms for expanding the study on race and blackness across the domains of science and art, culture and ecology, ethics and politics.


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