About the Journal

Launched in 2008, Cultural Landscapes understands culture in a broad way, as a way of life, including cultural practices and phenomena of all kinds—media representations, media and literary texts, consumer cultures, youth subcultures, performance and display practices, as well as other aspects of popular culture and everyday life.

We are interested in work that explores how these—and other—practices are produced, shaped, distributed, consumed, and used in a variety of ways. We are especially keen on work that pays particular attention to the relationship between cultural practices and power relations in society, and to the relationship between cultural forms and issues of class, race, gender, and nationality.

Cultural Landscapes is an online-only electronic journal that's published twice a year in Spring and Fall semesters. This ideal format provides a dynamic forum for intellectual debates and the exchange of ideas. All articles are also available in a PDF format. The opinions expressed in the articles published in Cultural Landscapes are those of the original authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Editorial Collective or Columbia College Chicago.